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Bitcoin Era is a trading robot that connects ordinary people to extraordinary investments, all by trading Bitcoin. The robot connects you with different trading options allowing you to take a dive into the world of cryptocurrency. The revolution involving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is still going on, and our team wants to get as many people involved as we can.

While there is a significant risk in trading cryptocurrency, the rewards are just as great. Sign up today to get in on the action and start your trading journey!

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Bitcoin Era Makes Trading Bitcoin Easy

To use Bitcoin Era, you have to make an initial investment of $250. That’s it! By using the Bitcoin Era site, you can remove the time it takes to make trades because the robot automatically picks out the best scenarios based on your personal investment profile. Imagine all the benefits daily successful trades can give you!

The system connects patterns, historical data, and the ‘human element’ to give you the best trades within your specific parameters. Instead of agonizing over a graph or data spreadsheet for hours on end, you can instead make trades on autopilot, all while living your life.

Making AI Work For You

Our official artificial intelligence software is all about cutting through the noise. There are a lot of people trying to make it big with Bitcoin trades and a lot of clutter and low trading options on the web. Our technology is all about using AI trading signals to pinpoint the best scenarios to trade Bitcoin in.

The robot goes through the countless data streams and filters and correlates all the information, and spits out ways to invest for you. You can also set personal configurations and parameters for the robot at the beginning of the day. You can tell it scenarios and prices to avoid, and ones to go towards.

That way, you have the most control over where your money is going and what the robot is passively doing for you. The more control you have, the better trades can come through your door.

Our Service Is State Of The Art

Not only can you access your Bitcoin trades on your phone via the website, it is also based on the highest quality tech available. We want to give you the best chance you have to make a fair trade. Our service is easy to use, loaded with some amazing features, and it doesn’t have a massive learning curve.

We’ve also designed the website to work seamlessly, even when you are looking at two different devices. Whether you use your phone, the website page, or both, we have created a cross-device website that you can access anywhere. Plus, the changes update in real-time.

Spend some time on the demo, see what all the buttons do, and then you can jump into the world of live trading. It seems nerve wracking until you remember that the process is mostly automated.

The Best Part Of Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is fully automated, allowing you to trade Bitcoin without having to stop and think about trading Bitcoin. For most people, making trades can be a very nerve wracking process, with a lot of emotional involvement. You constantly think about whether you should buy or sell, and that can be nerve racking. Additionally, having to decide whether to purchase or stay away from every single trade throughout a day can lead to major decision fatigue.

With our service, the system stops all of that emotional indecision. You should be able to keep up with the market and trade on autopilot, because the Bitcoin Era system is designed to work only with your specific parameters. Once market conditions match the parameters that you have set for yourself, it can make the trade without hesitation.

How To Start With Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era only requires three things from you, and then you can start making some amazing trades. Setup should only take a few minutes, and make sure to have some money handy for the minimum investment.

Step 1

Create A Free Account

You need to create a free account on our website to access the live trading system. All of your data is secure while you do this, and your information is never shared. Once it is on our website, it stays on our website.

A current email address and phone number are also needed to be included with your account setup. Ensure you are reachable at each of these locations because our experts verify them before your account is approved for a deposit.

Step 2
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Put In Your Initial Deposit

Once you get your account and have a broker matched to it, you need to fund the account with a $250 USD minimum to activate it. All of the brokers that we employ are all trained, regulated, and can only give you the highest transparency levels.

The $250 needs to be deposited before you can start, as the robot uses that money whenever you start to trade currency. You can also set custom parameters, telling the bot to go towards or stay away from a specific situation.

Step 3
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Start Trading

The live trade area is where things really get started. You can set up your account and see the rules of trading in real-time. Bitcoin Era places you in the live trading market and lets you set up your parameters that can trade on your behalf while you are still learning the ropes.

After that, you can start making live trades and learning the ins and outs of Bitcoin Era!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Era Worth My Investment?

Yes, while the risk of $250 is a big one for some people, you have to invest in order to use Bitcoin Era. Instead of thinking about losing your investment, shift your mindset to one of abundance and prosperity. You can quickly learn the secrets of live trading and make sure that you can make excellent trades.

The service is easy to use, and there’s a lot of good that can come from using it correctly. Just give it a try and see what you get.

How Long Do I Need To Invest?

Since a robot does the majority of the work, you don’t need to spend long hours checking numbers and rechecking statuses on your phone. Additionally, you can set up your parameters in just a few minutes and then get started live trading the same day if you wish.

We know that the only thing greater than money is time. You shouldn’t have to trade one to get the other, and unlike money, you can’t get time back. Our service is designed to be as easy as possible, and the account setup shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes of work a day.

The only thing you need to remember to do is to end the trading session at the end of the day.

Is Bitcoin Era A Scam?

Some people think that this is a scam thanks to the high number of successful testimonials and case studies we have. But Bitcoin Era is not a scam, and we are a 100% legitimate company. Our system is able to trade Bitcoin with other cryptocurrency accounts, and the media have widely given our service critical acclaim.

We do warn that there are significant risks in trading Bitcoin, but this is simply common sense. It’s a very volatile investment. However, that shouldn’t stop you from wanting to trade with us, and we have plenty of tools to help make sure that you are trading wisely.

Can I Use Bitcoin Era Everywhere?

Yes! We offer access to your account on the web, desktop, and mobile services. You can log in through the website at home or open the mobile version through the service on your phone. We want to make it as easy as possible to keep an eye on your trades and account, so we’ve made our entire website friendly to all devices.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

While you do need to make the $250 deposit, we don’t have any hidden fees for our users. There are no fees to withdraw or deposit your cash into our system, either, which is a great advantage to choosing our trading system.

Our entire database is very transparent, and you can see your trading in real-time. The ledgers are open, and if a dispute does open up, we handle it with smart contract technology through the website.

How Much Does Bitcoin Era Cost?

At the moment, Bitcoin Era is free and ready to use for all users. As more and more people are starting to learn about Bitcoin and seeking trading opportunities, we’ve been expanding our website and services to meet their needs. We want everyone to be able to take advantage of Bitcoin Era and what it can do for you, and there are no signup fees that come out of your pocket.

Don’t hesitate to leap in and see what Bitcoin Era can do for you. Once you open your account, you can deposit the $250 and get started!

A Deep Dive Into The Bitcoin Era App

How To Open An Account On Bitcoin Era

It’s effortless to set up your Bitcoin Era account, and our service currently services people from over 125 countries.

However, Bitcoin Era is a service for everyone, and our robot certainly doesn’t discriminate. In order to create an account on the app, you simply need an email and phone number. Once your information is verified, then the website can get you started with your first deposit.

Using The Deposit

As mentioned, you must make a $250 deposit to start trading. Once the deposit is ready, you can fund the initial $250 USD through your credit or debit cards or a wire transfer. It really is that easy to start trading Bitcoin, and we work with both expert and beginner traders. We also try to make our service as user friendly as possible.

We believe that everyone should be able to make trades without needing to deal with massive risks, and Bitcoin Era was built on that idea.

Start Live Trading

Before you jump into live trading with both feet, make sure to set up your parameters. These parameters can be your best friends as you move through the website, as they determine how your trades happen when you leave the AI alone to make them. After they are set up, you can focus on getting started with your first live trade.

Once you get used to live trading and watch a few of the tutorials on our site, then you are good to go. It just takes those three steps to make some really great trades, so why wouldn’t you get the process started?

Facts About this Trading Software

Bitcoin Era is one of the premier trading services in the world today, and we constantly are trying out new tactics and methods to help you make some amazing trades.

We’ve used hard work, cutting edge technology, and smart marketing to become one of the best trading systems out there today. Our service has been reviewed by customers and the mainstream media, having been featured in 25 mainstream platforms and publications.

Should You Trust BitcoinEra?

Bitcoin Era is a well reviewed and transparent service. We make sure that everything involving your money and your privacy is kept secret, and you can see every step of the process. If you want to make an investment and spend less than 20 minutes actively trading every day, then Bitcoin Era is the best service for you.

We want what is best for you when it comes to making trades in Bitcoin, and that is why we do our best to provide transparency and trust.

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